Pennington’s Past

We document the history of Pennington from pre-historic times through to the modern day; the early settlement at Yaldhurst, the impact of Norman invasion in the 11th century, and the creation of Pennington in the 12th century by its first knight John De Acton. We explore the inglorious fate of Pennington’s manor owners (including the royal assassination of a manor owner who had fled to Switzerland!), Britain’s last ‘legal’ military duel held on Pennington Common, and the local impact of Britain’s colonial conquests.

Through to the end of the manorial system in the early 20th Century, Pennington was a small community with a population not much more than 900. The saltworks, which had been at the centre of the local economy for hundreds of years, had long since closed and Europe was on the brink of World War One. Pennington lost men to the wars, but experienced significant population growth afterwards.

In the 1930’s the dirt tracks became roads. Through the mid to late 20th century urban sprawl continued. Fields and allotments around Priestlands Farm, The Pound, the Fox Pond, Efford Farm, and Haglane Copse became schools and houses. We aim to capture the history of Pennington by capturing all of these changes on this website. (See History & Heritage)