Pennington personalities


Frederick Keeping (Born 1867)

Keeping was born in Pennington on 11 August 1867. Aged 29, he was employed at the British Embassy in Athens in 1896 and competed despite the wishes of some fellow British residents of the Greek capital who believed that as a servant of the British ambassador he “was not a gentleman and therefore could not be an amateur”. Keeping was the only other finisher in the 12 hour race won by Austria’s Adolf Schmal. After returning to England he opened a cycle shop and garage in nearby Milford-on-Sea.

His son, Michael, became a professional footballer with Southampton and Fulham in the English Leagues. Between 1948 and 1950 he was the coach of Real Madrid and over the next decade worked in Denmark, Holland, France and England.


Sam Vokes (Born 1989)

Plays football for Burnley and the Welsh national squad. Sam grew up in Pennington and attended Priestlands school.

Josh McQuoid (Born 1989)

Plays football for Luton and the Northern Ireland national squad. Josh grew up in Pennington and attended Priestlands School.


Noted Priestlands pupils:

Apart from those famous Penningtonians who attended Pennington’s secondary school listed above, Priestlands also helped the following former students on their paths to success:

Birdy (Born 1996)

Local songstress Birdy, or Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer van den Bogaerde, has had huge commercial success with her albums Birdy (2011), Fire Within (2013) and Beautiful Lies (2016).

Nick Thompson (Born 1986)

Two time world champion sailor (laser class), Team GB 2016, and ExtremeSailing competitor Nick is leads the way as one of many successful sailors who have studied at Priestlands.
The Priestlands website lists more recent success former pupils here: