The Big Picture

Today, Pennington has just over 6,000 residents. New Forest District Council (“NFDC”) has proposed significant residential development in Upper and Lower Pennington, which would lead to Pennington’s population increasing by approximately 2,500 to 8,500. This is an increase of around 42%; a very big change is coming for Pennington and its inhabitants.

These proposals are contained in a published draft of NFDC’s Local Plan Review (for areas outside the National Park). Based on the 2016 draft, 1,110 new houses could be built around Pennington. The proposals have come about due to central government requirements to increase house building across the country.

The Local Plan is the most important part of the Development Plan for the district. The Development Plan for Pennington (including the Local Plan and Neighborhood Plan being prepared by Lymington and Pennington Town Council) is the statutory basis for deciding local planning applications, provided that it is up-to-date.

NFDC will invite the public to comment of a final draft of the Local Plan Review in summer 2017. Lymington and Pennington Town Council are starting to draft the Neighbourhood Plan in spring 2017.

The development areas proposed in NFDC’s draft Local Plan are outlined in the maps below.

It should be noted that there are two local planning authorities for Pennington. The second authority is the New Forest National Park Authority (“NFNPA”). NFNPA is also preparing a Local Plan, which is relevant for the western side of Upper Pennington and the coastal and marshland areas of Lower Pennington.


Whilst the NFNPA has proposed sites for development in the National Park (to meet the demand for an additional 2,800 – 3,280 dwellings by 2031), it has rejected all of the sites it was offered in and around Pennington. As such, more pages are given on this website to the NFDC Local Plan. The NFNPA states in its draft Local Plan that it will continue to support parishes that wish to undertake a Village Design Statement.