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Updates to be made (Jan 2017)

PenningtonVillage.UK is in a draft Beta form currently.

The aim is to have a fully built base website by August 2017. Below is a listing of updates that will be made in the near future:

Add to Area Guide:

  • LRC House / New Forest Financial Services
  • Links to B&B websites
  • Note on the locations/accessibility of defibrillators throughout Pennington
  • Add Pennington Community Allotments
  • Add Natural England role
  • Add Hampshire & IOW Wildlife Trust role


  • Complete 1930 to present day
  • Further research from Tithe Map and Hampshire Records Office documents (already in hand from earlier visits)
  • Almost entire Heritage section needs completing

Rewrite following sections:

  • Activities
  • Future and Planning

Where content is contributed (and is appropriate) it will be added to the site in priority.

Overarching Project Plan

PHASE 1: Website to be built using a mix of primary media (own and contributed photos), embedded media (YouTube videos and social media posts) and secondary information sources (existing studies, articles, books, etc.).

Target completion date: end of August 2017

PHASE 2: Website content will modified and built-out based on deeper research using primary sources such as historical documents and photos (government and museum archives, and through requests to Pennington inhabitants and local historians), own video content, environmental studies and community-developed content.

Target completion date: end of August 2018

PHASE 3: After the base content of the website is considered complete, focus will be articles and blog posts (self-generated and community-contributed).

Target initiation date: TBC